Round 4 - Semifinals - Music at the Gates vs. City Scape Festival

Who would of thought this semifinal match-up would of came down to two festivals that were in the original round 1 wild card round? Both these festivals have survived an extra match that other festivals did not, so good luck to both.

The semi-finals are upon us, where the cream of the crop face off to get to that elusive final match up for the grand prize. This round is going to work just like round 3 did (with the set times and all) but now will last 5 days instead of 4. Remember, this vote is very important, as you are deciding who you think should be making into the final match up. So before you go clicking, take a nice deep look over the lineup, pick your favorites, look over the set times, determine your must sees and conflicts, and take some time to explore the 'little' bands (and tak e whatever else you want into account as well).

Remember, no voting if you're an alias (or suspected to be) and/or if you have less than 100 posts...they won't count, so don't even waste your time.


(it should be noted that Music at the Gates did 'cheat' - though not on purpose - by having Outkast and the Arcade Fire on the same day - as well as only having 19 bands both on friday and sunday)

Music at the Gates:

City Scape Festival: