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  1. Looking for Coachella 2014 - Weekend 1 House. Must be 3+ bedrooms...

    Hi everyone! I know pickings are slim for Coachella houses already but if anybody has a home for rent near the Empire Polo Grounds for Coachella Weekend 1, I would love to hear what you have to...
  2. FOR SALE: Coachella Weekend 2 GA Pass + Tent Camping Pass (OC, LA, SD areas)

    Hi there, I'm selling a Coachella Weekend 2 GA Pass w/ a Tent Camping pass for cost + shipping, if necessary.

    I already have the passes in hand. I am located in Orange County. Please email me if...
  3. Re: The Official "Let A Stranger Stay In Your Camping Space" Page.

    Anyone willing to help out and share their camping spot with 2 uber-chill guys? We'll be coming in from the OC Thursday and are willing to drive, bring food, beer, booze, whatever you need ;) I'm...
  4. NEED: Camping Spot + 2 Tickets (Willing to Share)

    This is definitely going to be a long shot, but I just found out that I can go to Coachella so I need to find tickets and create accommodations ASAP!

    I'll be traveling from Orange County and I'll...
  5. Does anybody need anything for Coachella?

    Just wondering if anybody needs anything for Coachella other than a place to stay, a ride to the concert, or a girl to hook up with.

    I live nearby and could hook u up with whatever you forget....
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    If anybody's interested in buying 1 Friday Coachella Pass for $75 obo, i have one xtra one.

    You must pick up though, I live in PalmDesert, jsut about 10 miles from the Polo Fields.


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    Anybody know how to delete threads?

    delete this thread please
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    delete this please

    delete this please
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