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    Re: Got one GA wristband for sale

    In on 28th in Indio ! Lets make it happen. 5623261218
  2. In indio ready for Transaction !! want to buy 2 wristbands and/ camping pass .

    will be in Indio tonight with cash ready for transaction. staying right by will call so we can meet up quick. Looking for two (2) wristbands and camping pass/ companion pass.

    call me at 1(562)...
  3. Will buy Camping pass and Wristbands (1-3) for weekend two !

    i am in the LA area willing to drive and meet up anywhere. i have cash in hands and ready for transaction. Must provide proof of purchase and registration when we meet up ! Very serious buyer. No...
  4. Looking for two weekend 1 or 2 passes with CAR CAMPING pass

    Two Weekend 2 wristbands with Car camping pass !

    I live in the Los Angeles area and i am willing to drive pretty much anywhere. Face to face transaction to make sure the wristbands are...
  5. Re: I have a room available for both weeks - my guest backed out. Timeshare for 4.

    im interested, I'm coming with two more people. what weekend, i don't know yet. what the price range ??
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