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    Re: Waves - a story set in Coachella

    You honestly want us to PAY to read something you wrote?
  2. Re: Datsik Live Feed... is it saved anywhere?

    He sounded great, but fuck those Robots couldn't ever get in sync with each other. They looked great visually, but kinda distracted me towards the end of the set. Maybe it's just me, but it was...
  3. Re: What kind of cool stuff did YOU lose at Coachella this year?

    Did you go weekend 1? Car next to me early thursday didn't hide anything at all... Almost got kicked out before the check was over. Sucks!
  4. Re: What kind of cool stuff did YOU lose at Coachella this year?

    I actually had quite a few this year. Main stage ground at the end of the night with a flashlight is an easy way to get your day started the next day ;)
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    Re: Campsite Thieves

    Haha, this.

    But honestly, I'm not really bringing anything to coachella valuable besides camping shit, I'm spending most the time in the venue or sleeping..
  6. Re: So, Now It's Over, What's Everyones Opinion on Two Coachellas?

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    Re: Justice - where did it all go wrong?

    Had a blast at this set first weekend. Obviously the delay sucked, but I had time to run back to my campground because of it.
    Also, seeing Girl Talk over this.... You've gotta be kidding me.
  8. Re: Coachella fest's once-angry neighbors change tune

    Hahaha, my thoughts exactly
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    Re: Best Frontman of 2012?

    Who was ricky gervais playing with this weekend?
    I totally missed him.
  10. Re: Where to pick up supplies near Ontario Airport?

    Why the hell are you traveling from Oklahoma to Ontario?
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