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    Re: Best and Worst Crowds of the Weekend?

    there were definitely some ass-mongers at CHVRCHES. but this cool chick in a wheelchair next to me got a lift for a little bit. faith in humanity +1.

    best crowd : DARKSIDE. Little Dragon real...
  2. Re: Struggle Bus Car Camping - Neighbor Search 2014

    we still have 6 spots, but no more space within those spots. our flaky friends and acquaintances came out of the woodwork this past week to beg, whine and plead their ways onto our sacred camping...
  3. Re: Struggle Bus Car Camping - Neighbor Search 2014

    so our window is looking like 10:30 - 10:45 at the Dollar Tree parking lot in Indio. its in the same shopping center (Indio Plaza Shopping Center) as the In N' Out off Monroe. we're renting some...
  4. Re: Struggle Bus Car Camping - Neighbor Search 2014

    the more we're saying it out loud, the more it sounds like we'll be shooting for a 10-11AM rendezvous window, but we'll hash that out tonight..

    and Jimmy, we're always down to have veteran...
  5. Re: Struggle Bus Car Camping - Neighbor Search 2014

    our women are fiery individuals, not even the driest of ice could quell their respective flames. but you are welcome to try!

    also i PM'd you guys back. we're down to make the Struggle Bus immense...
  6. Re: Struggle Bus Car Camping - Neighbor Search 2014

    oh we know! so far we have 6 confirmed cars with car camping passes all planning on driving into the madness together

    Chase +1
    *Temma (+1?)
    Craig +1
    Antonio (+1)

    * = these...
  7. Re: Struggle Bus Car Camping - Neighbor Search 2014

    oh i hear that, but we are not an unreasonable bus of strugglers. while we empathize for everyone who didn't get an opportunity to buy passes/car camping spots, we're drawing out diagrams of the...
  8. Re: Struggle Bus Car Camping - Neighbor Search 2014

    it makes absolute sense. allow me to illuminate:

    not everyone in the group is driving, but most of my Strugglers bought camping passes so we could combine our spaces to make a large communal...
  9. Struggle Bus Car Camping - Neighbor Search 2014

    Hey gang,

    i have rallied my collective group of festival-going friends who are headed to Coachella (WEEKEND 1) and have organized a pre-production party tomorrow evening in Van Nuys. we'll be...
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    Re: My 2 Cents

    2 more cents: be as cynical as possible to everyone on the forums. this will weed out the weaker ones
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    Re: Coachella ate my car.


    made the mistake of cracking my windows ever so slightly last year. return trip home: sand had managed to seep into every crevice of the car rendering the windows unable to roll up or...
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    Re: My 2 Cents

    bluh. all the sand came and blew away wknd 1 cuhh.

    sand love sandstorms
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    My 2 Cents

    seen lots of helpful pages but sadly no mention of the golden rule:

    don't bring sand to the beach
  14. Re: 2014 First Time at Coachella Guide, Tips and Tricks

    TRUTH. it'll be the last thing on your mind, but i'm bringing my old chem goggles and some custom silly dust masks i got in Japan. day 3 last year could've been 100x better with a little more desert...
  15. Thread: FLAGS!

    by tealcelluloid

    Re: FLAGS!


    i used a 10' piece of SCH 40 PVC + cross connector + 5' 6" piece and attached a 3' x 5'...
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    Re: Narcs at weekend 1

    at Coachella last year our campsite neighbors were from New York so we helped them find narcotics by sending them joint-in-hand to our mutual friends campsite. walking in smoking a joint tends to...
  17. Re: Hell Yes. Beck will be performing at Coachella...

    i saw the same set and it was nothing special. he isn't the lovable Beck of old, it just feels forced at this point :/

    sorry i'm not sorry
  18. Re: Who were you surprised to see NOT on the lineup?

    Seven Lions
    Depeche Mode - even though i knew it wasn't going to happen. they deserved a day 2 headlining slot
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    Re: Who Are Your Top 10 For 2014?

    Glitch Mob
    Empire of the Sun
    Queens of the Stone Age
    RL Grime
    Duck Sauce
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