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    Re: AKS Weekend 2 Viewing Thread

    Can anyone help a girl out with a login? Comcast doesn't stream to computers and Fios doesn't seem to be working.
  2. Re: WANTED: Weekend One Car Camping-- Will pay FACE VALUE!!! Bay Area/SoCal


    Not true for all passes. I went both weekends that wasn't the case for us.
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    WANTED: 1 GA + Car Camping Weekend ONE

    Please make me your offers! I'm located in the South Bay Area (San Jose/Campbell/Santa Cruz) but am willing to drive. Thank you
  4. I was you once... FOR SALE: 2 WEEKEND 2 PASSES + CAR CAMPING

    Like I said earlier, I've done the buy-from Coachella people and it has worked out. Please trust that this will work out as well, I accidentally bought both weekends of Coachella, thinking I wouldn't...
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    GA Tickets Elsewhere: Radiohead in 2012

    Does anyone know if any of the bands at Coachella will be selling tickets to the festival on their own websites? Last year I was able to get a ticket through Radiohead's site after the passes on the...
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