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    $180 CASH for you car camping space.

    Let me know.
    9 two 5 four six four 8202
  2. CASH to share camping space! Or do you have a car camping space?

    My name is Brit Cameron and I will be traveling with Kevin Bice. Feel free to add us on Facebook. From walnut creek and santa cruz living in LA. We both have never been to coachella both in our...
  3. Re: From L.A to coachella wk 2-extra space for car camping.

    super interested would pay $120 to split a spot.. $140 to split a spot and you have a spot for our car. My name is Brit and Kevin and we have a small two person tent. Let us know :) pm us
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    Re: Car Camping spot W2 for sale

    I will BUY FOR $180 CASH! Super interested. I am pm ing you.
  5. $140 CASH to share your campsite! OR anyone selling a car/camping spot?

    My name is Brit and my boyfriend and I are looking to share a campsite with someone that has one. Will pay $35 a night if you let us put up our 2 person tent up in your site for thursday to...
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