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  1. Re: Your top five acts of Coachella 2014 (Weekend One Edition)

    Guy Gerber was amazing at Yuma.
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    Re: list of all the surprise guests

    Saw and the entire Shlomo set and no Jeremih or Banks. Good set but everyone was a little surprised.
  3. Taking Off Weekend 1 Wristband Suggestions

    I know this thread seems ridiculous, just wondering if anyone has found a way to take off the wristband without cutting it, or breaking the yellow plastic piece. This one is on too tight and the...
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    Re: Best places to eat?

    id avoid any of the food between outdoor stage and gobi tent

    ordered a carne asada burrito and before i could grab my wallet it was already on the counter in front of me

    of course it was cold...
  5. Re: What time did you arrive and what lot did you get?

    i got there at 1am friday and was in the back of lot 10 (15 min walk to festival)
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