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  1. I swear to God/.
  2. Get back on the damm board!~ Do I need to bake a cheesecake?
  3. Uh...It's Westy's birthday today GPS. Come on man!
  4. It's all in the wording. Put on a pair of loose sweat pants and give me a call:-)
  5. Your birthday cake postings are exquisite! How do you find such yummy, and yet appropriate pastries? I'd love to eat at a bakery with you!
  6. hAPPY bIRTHDAY gps!!!
  7. Thought about contacting you this weekend. I was on the polo fields in the morning prior to going to the tamale festival.
  8. Happy 10,000 GPS!!!
  9. Good morning GPS.
  10. Damm you GPS!

    Don't remind me that I'm old!!! Coachella keeps me young you know. Would it be too much of a cliche to assume your were at Circus? I imagine you bumping and grinding with a pink Izod shirt, a pair of Jordache Jeans, and a tan pair of Jellies. Showing off your big guns because your dancing with your hands behind your head in all your GPS glory!!!
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