View Full Version : Offering wristband, room to rent and ride for Weekend One

Cameron B
04-05-2012, 04:01 PM
Friend of mine asked me to post this for her. We have a group that has a cool place in Palm Springs as well as having a rented van and a ticket to weekend one. Here's the story: we had a 4 bedroom place and one of the bedrooms is being rented by two women. One of the women flaked out at last second and we now have an extra ticket, extra space in the house as well as an extra space in the van down. The gal who is in that room is having trouble finding someone to split her share of the expense of that bedroom with her. We are looking for one cool, positive, no drama, easy going female who might want to split a room with her. She will be one to meet you for coffee and see if you are cool and if you guys can handle being roommates. If not, we are going to just sell the ticket separately, but thought there might be someone out there who would add coolness to the place. It's an awesome party house with pool, hot tub, bbq, etc.. Email me and I will send pics. We have a group of about 10 folks going. You will need to live in Bay Area and be close enough to meet her for coffee. Place is in Palm Springs so you will need to have or get a shuttle pass from Palm Springs to Coachella. 650 gets you a ticket, ride to Palm Springs and 4 nights at a house in Palm Springs. Email me and I will connect you two.